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Kerosene Heater Igniter Style B

Igniters are an important component of correct heater operation. Avoid unnecessary dirt and damage caused by match lighting. Style B is distingushed by pins in same direction as heating coil.

Fits these kerosene heaters with PUSH TYPE ignitions: Americana*, American Wick*, Artifex*, Avanti*, Codep*, Comfort Glow*, Comfort Temp 8420, Cosy*, Crestline (except 3530, 3580), DuraHeat, DynaGlo, Dyna Glow, Egawa*, Envirotemp(CV-2230, CV-2300, CT-1100, CT-1200, RF1300, F, 30460, 30462), Flame Go, Fujisun, Gerald*, Hamai*, Hanson*, Heatmate (HMHR1101, HF1140, HC2230, OR-77, K5, 10, 20), Hitachi, Imarfloex, Kero Heat*, Kero Jet, Kerotech, Kerovic, Kero-World*, Kupanoff*, Mega, Northern, Northstar*, Premier*, Robeson*, Saga*, Sanyo*, Sears*, Sengoku, Sunbeam*, Suncrest, Sunwise*, Toshiba, Turco, Union Thermal, Whitegate, and Yuasa
*Some models of these brands require other igniter types

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Kerosene Heater Igniter Style B
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Kerosene Heater Igniter Style B
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Kerosene Heater Igniter Style B

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