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Camco Therm-O-Disc Style Water Heater Thermostats

Meets original specification lengths for American, AO Smith, Bradford White, GE, GSW, Kenmore, Maytag, Reliance, Rheem, Richmond, Rudd, Sears, State. All Camco water heater thermostats are UL listed with a built-in safety switch to prevent overheating and energy efficient range setting. Each thermostat comes complete with detailed instructions and wiring diagrams for easy installation. These thermostats do not include a plastic terminal protector.
Click here for frequently asked questions about Water Heater Thermostats

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Camco 08163 Upper Thermostat
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Camco 08143 Single Element Thermostat
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Camco Therm-O-Disc Style Water Heater Thermostat
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Camco Therm-O-Disc Style Water Heater Thermostats
Therm-O-Disc Style
Upper Thermostat
Lower Thermostat
Single Element
Frequently asked questions about Water Heater Thermostats
1. How do I know which thermostat to buy?
A two-element water heater has two thermostats: an upper and a lower. Each must be replaced with a thermostat with the same function: upper for upper, lower for lower. They cannot be interchanged, as they perform specific functions. A single-element water heater has only one thermostat and that is called a “single element thermostat.” The upper and lower thermostats for a two-element heater cannot be used on a single-element water heater and vice versa.
2. Are water heater thermostats adjustable?
Most water heater thermostats provided by Camco are adjustable. They are factory set at 120°F. On a two-element water heater, it is not recommended that the upper thermostat be adjusted. If higher water temperature is desired, adjust the lower to a higher setting. Both may be lowered if a cooler temperature is desired.
3. At what temperature should I set the thermostats?
Water heater thermostats are factory pre-set at 120º. However, most are adjustable. It is recommended that the upper T-stat remain set at 120º. If a higher temperature is desired, adjust only the lower thermostat. Caution: High temperature can cause injury.
4. On thermostats without a degree dial, what are the temperatures of the dial settings?
The temperature range is:
the Dot = 110º F
Hot = 120º F
A = 130º F
B = 140º F
C = 150º F
Very Hot = 160º F
Safety Considerations:
While most water heater repair jobs can be accomplished with some basic tools, time and common sense please keep in mind the following safety considerations. Failure to follow these considerations may result in damage to the water heater or injury to yourself.
1. Always shut off power to the water heater at the electrical service panel (breaker box) before beginning any work. Never attempt to service a water heater without disconnecting power. There is ample voltage and amperage present to seriously injure or kill you.
2. If you are experienced with plumbing and electrical tools, you can do the repairs yourself. If you are at all hesitant, call a plumber or electrician.
3. If you are replacing a water heater element you must drain the tank. Never attempt to replace an element without draining the tank.
4. Never "dry-fire" a water heater element. Water heater elements are designed to operate only in water. Dry-firing an element will destroy the element in a few seconds.
Camco Residential Electric Water Heater Troubleshooting Manual
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