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Shop Keepers Bell
This Bell measures
1 5/8” in Bell Diameter
Mounting Piece
2 3/4”
Overall Height
7 1/2"

Shop Keepers Bell

This shop keeper’s bell is wonderful to use anywhere there is a need for an entrance or exit alert. Some examples of those types of areas are: homes, stores, screen doors, pool areas, etc. Let yourself know when someone has come in with a cheerful little ring. This is great for shopkeepers who need to greet customers for that notable first impression. This useful bell is crafted from solid brass and is able to adjust angles by simply using pliers to make it fit any door. It will need to be secured with two screws or nails.

Solid Brass Bell
Simply adjust angle with pliers to fit your door

Shop Keepers Bell
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Shop Keepers Bell
1 lbs
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Shop Keepers Bell
Shipping Weight 1 lbs
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