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4.25 Gallon Hot Dipped Steel Pail

Hot dipped, heavy duty use pail. Body swedges add strength to the tub and tough, strong bail handle allows for easy handling even with the tub filled to capacity. Great for everyday use, this tub is ideal for use as a planter, beverage tub, ice tub, or to wash your clothes & pets in.

Offset bottom keeps pail off ground
Swedged sides for strength
Wire reinforced rim
Available in single, wholesale and pallet quantities.
Please call for information and pricing on wholesale and pallet quantities.
4.25 gallon capacity
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4.25 Gallon Hot Dipped Steel Pail
2.5 lbs
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4.25 Gallon Hot Dipped Steel Pail
Shipping Weight 2.5 lbs
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4.25 Gallon Hot Dipped Steel Pail
This Tub measures:
9" Height
13 1/2" Top Diameter
11 1/4" Bottom Diameter

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Customer Reviews
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StarsStarsStarsStarsStars 4.25 gallon hot dipped steel pail
Jill Frye
I bought 4 of these for boiling water on river trips, such as the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. We use them in a 4-bucket dishwashing system. I checked to see if they leak, & they don't. I gave them a lesser rating because there are sharp little spikes around the inside. One spike had to be smoothed down with pliers, otherwise, someone would get cut! I'm sure that this is created from the "hot dipping" method, but one would think that quality control would deal with this issue!
The heavy duty packing box was pretty worn by the time it arrived. There were 21 packing balloons, 17 of which were deflated. Consequently, the top pail's handle tabs where it connects to the pail was bent in both handle areas. Pliers straightened that our, but has weakened them as well. Considering that I paid $35.29 to have them shipped from Virginia to Idaho, I was not impressed with the packaging, or the time that it took for them to arrive (11 days). I haven't used them yet, but I'm sure that they will work for boiling water, & hopefully they won't warp.
Posted at 2:49:am 07/16/16


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