Black 6 inch Single Wall Stove Pipe

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Single wall stove pipe is ideal for installations where there is a minimum 18" clearance from the stove until it enters the chimney. This line is economical, high quailty stove pipe ideal for basic installations. Please note: All of the Black 6 inch Single Wall Stove Pipe on this page is 24 gauge.

Straight Pipe is entirely self-locking. No tools needed to close seams
18" clearance to combustibles

Order Item
Starter Pipe
6" X 4"
1 lbs
Starter Pipe
6" X 6"
3.5 lbs
12" Straight Pipe
6" X 12"
4 lbs
24" Straight Pipe
6" X 24"
4 lbs
90 Degree Elbow
4 lbs
Adjustable Elbow
4 lbs
Tee Joint
6" X 6" X 6"
4.5 lbs
From 6" to 7" pipe
3.5 lbs
From 6" to 8" pipe
3.5 lbs
From 6" to 5" pipe
3.5 lbs
From 6" to 4" pipe
3.5 lbs
Tee Cap
2 lbs
Trim Collar
2 lbs
Damper Section
5.5 lbs
Oval to Round Boot
See notes
4 lbs
Draw Band Connector
8" high
4 lbs
Slip Connector
11-1/2" length (adjusts 3"-9")
3.5 lbs

Black 6 inch Single Wall Stove Pipe

Description of available pieces
Starter Pipe allows for easy connection of pipe between the stove and the first joint of pipe. Both ends of starter pipe are crimped.
Straight Pipe is entirely self-locking. No tools needed to close seams. Put together by simply inserting tongue on one edge and pressing together until it snaps. Joint can be cut to any length without destroying the lock.
90 degree Elbow
- Corrugated lock seamed, one piece construction. Lock seamed for strength and to prevent coming apart. 2 1/2" ends.
Adjustable Elbow - Double seams permit each section to turn freely without any danger of becoming disconnected. Can quickly be adjusted to any straight line and a right angle.
Tee Joint - Both sections assembled with "Snaplock" seam. Can be easily turned to make a secure lock.
Increaser - Easily adapts smaller stove pipe to larger stove pipe. Large end of Increaser is crimped.
Reducer - Easily adapts large stove pipe to smaller stove pipe. Small end of Reducer is crimped.
Tee Cap - Used to close off one end of a stove pipe tee. Use of a tee cap allows for easy access for pipe cleaning.
Trim Collar - Covers excess area around flue opening. Provides a finished look to stove pipe installation.
Damper Section - Install at, or close to, the stove outlet in-line. 24” pipe section with damper hole.
Oval-to-Round Boot - is 7" high with a 6" round end. The oval end is approximately 81/4" X 63/16".
Draw Band Connector - is used when the flue collar of a stove is a bit too big.
Slip Connector - Use to adapt pipe to ceiling support box or finishing collar. Adds 3” - 9” of length to rigid pipe. Allows drip-free installation without cutting the pipe. Can be used in line to create a telescoping combination when used with a straight length of pipe.
Frequently asked questions about Stove Pipe

Please note: For safety considerations and ease of installation follow these guidelines.
1. Never mix and match gauges of stove pipe.
2. Use a stove pipe reducer or increaser if you are working with different sizes of pipe.
3. Buy all of the pipe you need from one brand. The connection will most likely differ from Brand X to Brand Y.
4. While all of the stove pipe we sell will fit together tightly a very secure connection can be obtained by using 3 screws per connection. Screws also make the entire assembly stronger.
5. New stove pipe may smoke a little and emit an odor when first used. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. It is simply the paint on the pipe curing a bit. If necessary open a window or door to allow the smoke and fumes to escape.
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Shipping weights
Jeff Trask
I have used your stovepipe (24 ga. 6" black)for years but just now I looked at freight costs and I wonder why a damper section (A 6" X 24" section with 2 holes drilled in it) weighs 1.5 lbs. MORE than a regular 6" X 24" section? It SHOULD weigh LESS! Also-3) 6" x 24" costs $9.95 to ship-but if you add a 90 degree elbow you increase weight by about 25% but shipping almost DOUBLES? I LIKE your product-but your shipping calculations must be a REAL profit maker!
Posted at 4:07:pm 03/08/18


Black 6 inch Single Wall Stove Pipe