HS36 Hot Shot Cattle Prod
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Hot Shot HS36 Cattle Prod

The Hot Shot SS36 Top-Of-The-Line 'Premium' Prod is designed and built for the commercial trucker. This cattle prod has the most power of all the Hot-Shot prods. It also features Sealed Motor Technology, which means the circuitry is completely sealed against the elements for maximum protection.

The Green One is a battery-operated livestock prod delivering unparalled performance in all conditions, especially on wet animals. Hot-Shot continues to lead the industry with our dependable, commercial-strength prods. Every unit is factory tested to high performance standards, making it the ongoing brand of choice for farmers, ranchers, and professional stock handlers and haulers. When used correctly, electric prods are a time-tested, humane way to aid in the movement of livestock; be sure to read and understand all documentation included before using this product. Permanently sealed, maintenance-free solid-state motor resists damage by dirt or moisture. Unique safety clip prevents accidental use. Latigo carrying strap and six C-cell batteries included. Comes with an interchangeable 36 inch rigid fiberglass shaft.

Typical User: Commercial Truckers, livestock haulers, hog producers

The Hot Shot HS36 Cattle Prod features:
"Best" or Premium Hot-Shot
Circuitry Type: Sealed, Transistorized
9,000 volt prod
High-power, big spark
Effective with most types of livestock
Unique safety clip - prevents accidental shocks
Uses six size "C" batteries (High amperage alkaline)
Overall length 36" Shaft measures 24"
Hot Shot HS36 Cattle Prod
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Hot Shot HS36 Cattle Prod
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Hot Shot HS36 Cattle Prod
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Please note: A Cattle Prod should never be used to control or handle dogs, cats or any other type of household pet. Cattle prods are designed and manufactured for USE ON LIVESTOCK ONLY.


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