Ohio Stoneware Two Gallon Keg

This stoneware keg is ideal for back yard barbeques, reunions, parties or other indoor or outdoor events. The generous two gallon capacity keeps plenty of your favorite beverage available for your guests. Food safe, this keg contains no lead or other harmful chemicals. This keg also makes a great decorative piece for your kitchen, den, deck or patio. Please note: The 2 Gallon Keg does not come with the spigot packed in it. The spigot must be ordered separately.

Two gallon capacity
No lead or harmful chemicals
Food safe
Spigot must be ordered separately
Diameter 9" Height 12"
Spigot measures 3 1/2” Long 2 1/2” Width
Ohio Stoneware Two Gallon Keg
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Ohio Stoneware Two Gallon Keg
11 lbs
Spigot for Two Gallon Keg
1 lbs

Ohio Stoneware Two Gallon Keg
Shipping Weight 1 lbs
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Customer Reviews
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Question about spigot and jug color
Doris Burns
Do you make the jugs in different colors. I am interested in a more artistic but functional jug.
Also, can you fit a cork and wood spigot into the jug?

Doris Burns
Posted at 6:25:am 08/08/15