Arrow HT30S Hammer Tacker

Hammer Tackers are used mainly in heavy duty applications such as upholstery, rug pads, insulation, lining, and roofing. Strikes like a hammer, automatically drives a staple with each blow. Works well for fast, repetitive stapling. High carbon hardened steel working parts. Patented jam proof mechanism. Retractable striking edge. Specially designed power grip handles. Durable chrome finish.

The Arrow HT30S Hammer Tacker features:
Precision locked rear loading
All steel construction
Drives 3/8" T30 staples

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Arrow HT30S Hammer Tacker
2.5 lbs

Arrow HT30S Hammer Tacker
Shipping Weight 2.5 lbs
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Arrow HT30S Hammer Tacker
Staples for this model:
Arrow T30 Staples

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