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Fitz-All Large Percolator Top

The universal-size replacement percolator top for larger percolators. Includes clear, heat-resistant glass perk top plus patented locking ring in noncorroding aluminum to fit most electric and nonelectric percolators. Fits tight, won't fall out. A perfect replacement for older perks where the original glass top won't fit because the hole is worn or enlarged.

The Fitz-All Large Percolator Top features:
Fits most percolators with cover opening from 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" diameter
Fits Arvin, Bersted, Corning, Cory, Dominion, Dormeyer, Ekco, Enterprise, Lasko, Presto, Pyrex, Revere, Robeson, Sunbeam, Universal, U.S. Stamping, Enameled Percolators and most old style percolators
Please note: We also carry the Fitz-All Percolator Top for percolators with a cover opening from 13/16" to 1-1/2" diameter

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Fitz-All Large Percolator Top
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Fitz-All Large Percolator Top
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Fitz-All Large Percolator Top

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