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CKM-710K Dial Hanging Scale - 10 kg

All steel, compact, designed to be long lasting. Internal parts are nickel or zinc plated for maximum protection against corrosion. Easy to service and calibrate. The chart and indicator are protected by a clear, shatterproof plexi-glass dial cover.

The CKM-710K Dial Hanging Scale features:
can be used for weighing, measurement of tension, pull or torque
precision springs are calibrated with certified weights
fine tooth rack and pinion are combined with a balanced, extra lightweight indicator to provide greatest possible sensitivity
painted tubular steel frame
no weights to handle or slide
black on white, distinct dial graduations ensure quick and easy to read weight determination
standard weighing hook is easily removable for the addition of a variety of optional pans
10 kg X 20 g capacity
dual revolution scale
complies with O.I.M.L. class IIII requirements.
This scale is not legal for trade

Accessories for this scale includes:
Stainless Steel Round Pan and 18" Hanger
Stainless Steel Round Pan and 12" Hanger
Galvanized Oval Scoop

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CKM-710K Dial Hanging Scale
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CKM-710K Dial Hanging Scale
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  CKM-710K Dial Hanging Scale
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CKM-710K Dial Hanging Scale - 10 kg

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