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Burger Press

The Burger Press adds capability and convenience to the forming, storing, cooking and eating of all food patties. The unique characteristics of the patties are due to the concentric circular grooves in the patty surface. These grooves break the lines of shrinkage across the diameter of the patty as it cooks, causing it to lay flat for even heat absorption. The result is patties that cook in less time while virtually preventing cracking and warping. The grooves also hold in juices and seasonings to improve texture and taste.

The Burger Press features:
Molded of USDA approved food grade, high-impact polystyrene plastic
5 3/4" overall diameter
2" overall height
Top rack dishwasher safe
Unbreakable in normal use
Instructions and recipes are included

Burger Press
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Burger Press
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Burger Press
Shipping Weight 2 lbs
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