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Camco Dielectric Heat Traps

Camco Dielectric Heat Traps are an energy savings device for connecting a water heater to the inlet and outlet water pipes. They are an alternative to dielectric nipples. A water heater is typically responsible for about 20% of a homeowner’s utility bill. A water heater can waste up to 15% of the heat it produces through stand-by losses. Heat loss occurs through the tank walls, pipes, and into the surrounding air of the utility room, garage or basement. Heat traps prevent this heat loss through the inlet and outlet pipes. Hot water is less dense than cold water, it will rise in the outlet pipe and the cold water will sink down from the inlet pipe. This results in a continuous and wasteful cooling circulation. Camco's flapper style heat trap design prevents this process while allowing proper flow when the heater is in use.

The Camco Dielectric Heat Traps features:
Prevents heat escape through the inlet and outlet while water heater is idle
3/4" NPT x 3/4" NPT x 3" Length
Self-cleaning fittings prevent corrosion
Dielectric inert thermoplastic lining
Camco Dielectric Heat Traps
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Camco Dielectric Heat Traps
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Camco Dielectric Heat Traps
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