Woodfield Stove Kettles

Stove Kettles humidify a home's dry air and add an old fashioned feeling to any wood stove or fireplace insert setting. Woodfield Stove Kettles are cast-iron and porcelain coated in three traditional colors. The flat black kettle is cast iron only. They feature sturdy, brass-plated handles. These kettles hold 2 1/2 quarts of water. * The blue speckled kettle is no longer available.

Adds much needed humidity to dry air
Gives a traditional feel to the stove or insert
Cast iron for lifetime use
These kettles measure 9X9 X7"
Please note: These kettles should not be used for drinking water or food use
Woodfield Stove Kettles

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Woodfield Stove Kettle
Flat Black
13.7 lbs
Woodfield Stove Kettle
13.7 lbs

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Woodfield Stove Kettles
Shipping Weight 13.7 lbs
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