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Woodfield Cast Iron Firestarter Tray With Soapstone

Fill the cast iron firestarter tray with fluid and you're ready to place it under your wood and light it. These firestarters use the soapstone to absorb a non-volatile, flammable fluid like kerosene. Once the soapstone is saturated, light it with a match and put the lighter in or under your kindling.

Black Cast Iron
11 1/2" long

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Woodfield Cast Iron Firestarter Tray With Soapstone
10 lbs
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Woodfield Cast Iron Firestarter Tray With Soapstone
Shipping Weight 10 lbs
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Woodfield Cast Iron Firestarter Tray With Soapstone

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StarsStarsStarsStarsStars Its so hottttttttt !!!
I searched online to find what I called a "fire brick" because I bought one of these back in the 80's made by a different manufacturer, so I'm only offering my opinion as to how helpful a fire-starting tool like these things really are. I heated my 1st home entirely with wood using a free-standing Buck Stove, and used a fire starter which looked almost identical to this unit...with an absorbent stone that you poured kerosene over to the rim of the unit.

I would set my fire starter inside of my wood stove maybe 15-20 mins before I wanted to light it, fill it up and wait that time period...the stone would absorb the kerosene so well you couldn't see it anymore. Then I'd lay a couple of large stick matches on it, open the damper, and that thing would burn for 20-25 mins, long enough to really start a great fire. When your fire is cooking with earl, then you just use your fire tongs to take it out and set it aside until next time. I loved mine and used it for 4-5 years until the brick finally broke into small pieces.


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