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Ranchmate ISTE-18-125C Twist End Insulator

Ranchmate ISTE-18-125C Twist End Insulator

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For 18 ga barbed wire, 12.5 ga smooth wire and 14 ga smooth wire. Bracing solution for electric fence systems using t-posts and regular posts. Insulates the electric fence wire from the grounded post. Ideal in insulated and non-insulated fencing terminations. No special tools or accessories needed. Simple hand weave installation with smooth rigid fit. Safe and strong for animal containment. Manufactured from tough galvanized steel (Class 3 or above).

Pack of 5
Preformed wire technology concept is easy to install and stays in place
Manufactured from galvanized steel (Class 3 and above)
Ideal for electric fence repair or construction
Ranchmate #ISTE-18-125C INSULATE SM TWIT

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