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Pony Heavy Duty Bench Vise

Stronger than comparable vises of similar weight. Heavy cold-formed steel channel beams cover and protect the screws of these vises and add to their great strength. Comes with dual lock-nuts that allow the vises to swivel a full 360°.

ductile/steel castings with black enamel finish
ground and polished anvils
cold-formed steel channel beam
Acme threaded main screw
harden steel serrated jaw faces
permanent pipe jaws
bright-plated steel hardware
large forming horns.
mounting holes and full 360° swivel bases
5" jaw width
5" jaw opening
Pony #30505
Pony Heavy Duty Bench Vise
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Pony Heavy Duty Bench Vise
32 lbs
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Pony Heavy Duty Bench Vise
Shipping Weight 32 lbs
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