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Diamond Classic Plain Horseshoes-DC00B

Nail hole pattern allows more accurate nail placement. Wide web for increased bearing surface and hoof wall support. Full 1/8" wide crease permits deep seating of nail head in counter sink. Nail head won't hang-up on crease walls. Increased inside shoe taper provides relief from snow and clay build-up. Precision spaced and punched nail holes. Lightweight for reduced fatigue. 10° crease draft. Gives more control over slant following draft of foot and hoof. Longer creases for improved traction.
This product is available in multiple sizes and/or colors. See the table below for options.

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Diamond Classic Plain Horseshoes-DC00B
20 pairs per Box
20 lbs
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Diamond Classic Plain Horseshoes-DC0B
20 pairs per Box
22 lbs
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Diamond Classic Plain Horseshoes-DC1B
20 pairs per Box
24 lbs
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Diamond Classic Plain Horseshoes-DC2B
10 pairs per Box
14 lbs
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Diamond Classic Plain Horseshoes-DC00B
Shipping Weight 20 lbs
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Diamond Classic Plain Horseshoes-DC00B

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