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20 Piece Assorted Bungee Jar

Keeper's 20 Piece Assorted Bungee Jar. Multiple bungee sizes for 1000 uses. Reusable jar provides easy storage. All cord is premium grade, made from first quality, long lasting rubber. Durable UV resistant outer jacket is woven in highly visible,
attractive colors. Heavy gauge dependable steel hooks with vinyl coating.

70 lb hook capacity
Contains (1) 32", (2) 24", (2) 18", (4) 12",
(5) 10" Minis, (6) Bungee Balls
20 Piece Assorted Bungee Jar
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20 Piece Assorted Bungee Jar
20 per jar
Assorted lengths
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20 Piece Assorted Bungee Jar
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