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Kikkerland Design Zecar

Zecar is a very simple toy car. Just push it, and try to make it overcome small obstacles. Zecar can even slide on its back if the going gets tough, but you don't have to push Zecar very hard. Zecar overcomes barriers at its own steady pace. To push Zecar, hold the front and the rear ends, not the sides, and gently give its wheels a spin by dragging them on a surface. It has lots of torque, and it moves rather slowly. You can choose to have the traction be the front, or the rear wheels. You can also slide it upside-down on its flywheel and two free spinning wheels. Zecar is not a race car, or demolition derby machine; it should not fall off tables, or be slammed around.
Stainless steel flywheel car
3.5 x 2.5 x 2.5"
Colors are assorted, we pick color based on availability
Not recommended for small children
Adult supervision recommended
Kikkerland Design Zecar
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Kikkerland Design Zecar
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Kikkerland Design Zecar
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Kikkerland Design Zecar Wind Up Toy