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Kikkerland Design Bonga

Bonga thinks it is going through an evolutionary period in its life. Smack in the 21st century, Bonga has an attitude not unlike sea creatures had when they began crawling out of the water. Except, Bonga is in a big hurry, and it doesn't have millions of years to spare. Bonga's Darwinian mind is determined; it will crawl over anything to get to its objective, whatever that is. Try setting up small obstacles to keep Bonga distracted; test its limit by increasing the level of difficulty to challenge Bonga's climbing ability. To wind up Bonga, hold its 8 feet in your hand, and crank the double propeller keys. Occasionally, a bit of spray lubricant will keep Bonga in shape for the toughest challenges.
Stainless steel climbing worm with PVC feet
5 x 2.5 x 2"
Colors are assorted, we pick color based on availability
Not recommended for small children
Adult supervision recommended
Kikkerland Design Bonga
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Kikkerland Design Bonga
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Kikkerland Design Bonga
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