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Outdoor Oil Lanterns

Outdoor Oil Lanterns
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Red Vintage Glass Oil Lamp
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Between 11 and 12 inches Lantern Height
Comes with 6" length of wick 7/16" - 1/2" wick width
1/16" wick thickness
Replacement Wicks: C6987101, OBP29911S
Replacement Globe: O21CL8510
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Play in the snow at night with these outdoor oil lanterns perched high on a snowbank. Bring a nostalgic flood of glistening lantern light with these old style lanterns. Great to have in an emergency. Order in blue or red enamel rust-resistant finishes. The blue outdoor oil lantern has a large 45 ounce fuel tank that provides the best tipover stability and 24 more hours of fuel reserves than the red oil lantern. A small lever on the side raises the glass globe for easy wick lighting and trimming access. Adjust the wick and light brightness with the side dimming knob. The glass globe protects the burning flame in all weather conditions. Use the oil lantern handle to carry or hang. These outdoor oil lanterns are suitable for use inside and outside. Made by V&O Lanterns.


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