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Oil Lamp Burner

Oil Lamp Burner
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Oil Lamp Burner
fits 2 5/8" diameter chimney opening, 1 1/4" screw on cap, 3.4" x 8" cotton wick
Fits chimneys: C9200122, OBP57920, OBP57938
Fits wicks 5/8" wide: OBP29912, OBP29930, OKW199625

These dark oil lamp burners are from our line of quality oil lamp parts.The dark sleek color is simple and striking. Add it to your favorite oil lamps for a new spin on a timeless design! Also, shop our online store for glass chimneys, wicks, lamps, and lanterns.

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OMG so hard to find
Zac B.
I've looked every where for this!!!
Posted at 8:36:pm 07/03/18