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Happy Jack OneX Wound Dressing

Onex Wound Dressing was formulated to repel Habronema flies from open sores and wounds on dogs and horses. Habronema flies lay eggs in the wounds of animals which leads to infection and enlargement of the affected area. Onex repels the adult flies and kills the hatching larvae which allows the skin to heal. Onex is also effective against house, stable, face and horn flies. Contain Pyrethrins.

Repels House flies, Stable flies, Face Flies and Horn flies from open sores
Kills on contact for hours after application
Treats superficial wounds, abrasions, sores and scratches
Just apply enough ointment to cover the affected area
Can be used daily as wounds heal
Size: 4oz
Manufacturer Model Number: 1056
UPC: 023851010561

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Happy Jack OneX Wound Dressing
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Happy Jack OneX Wound Dressing
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Happy Jack OneX Wound Dressing

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Happy Jack OneX Wound Dressing