Rome 1334 Brass Armillary Sundial

The Brass Armillary Sundial is a very beautiful sundial and is made of solid polished brass. A lion's face decorates the outside of the time band. This Armillary Style Sundial is very elegant and would make a nice statement as a decorative in any yard or garden. We recommend using one of Rome's Sundial Pedestals to mount this Armillary Sundial. Their models B18, B19 and B26 are an ideal match for this sundial. Please note: The models listed above are the only pedestals we carry that will mount properly to this sundial.

13 inch overall height
6.75 inch base dia.
12 inch time band
16 inch arrow length
Color: Solid Polished Brass
Manufacturer Model Number: 1334
UPC: 029794133466

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Rome 1334 Brass Armillary Sundial
7 lbs

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Rome 1334 Brass Armillary Sundial
Shipping Weight 7 lbs
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Rome 1334 Brass Armillary Sundial

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