Earthway Garden Seeder

Earthway Precision Garden Seeder

The Earthway Precision Garden Seeder is a great row crop planter, it allows you to plant a variety of vegetable seeds with one continuous operation of opening the soil, planting the seed, covering, and marking the next row. Easily, quickly & precisely plants beans, beets, carrots, peas, radishes, corn & more. Seed plates swap with just a turn so you can continue planting. The row marker spaces and marks your next row accurately.
The 1001- B Precision Garden Seeder requires some assembly and features:

Heavy-duty aluminum construction.
30 inch row marker for planting equally spaced rows.
Precision depth gauge that eliminates planting too deep causing seed rot.
Large seed hopper for long continuous operation of seed planting.
Includes 6 standard, easy to change seed plates allowing for up to 28 varieties of vegetable seeds.

Plates included are:
18100 - Sweet Corn, 18101 - Radish, 18102 - Carrot, 18103 - Bean, 18104 - Peas, and 18105 - Beets

Earthway Number - 1001B

We carry a full line of Earthway Precision Garden Seeder Accessories that includes:
Earthway Fert-A-Ply Side-Dress Fertilizer Attachment
Earthway Seedplate Storage Bag
Earthway Precision Garden Seeder Seed Plates

Earthway Precision Garden Seeder
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Earthway Precision Garden Seeder
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Earthway Precision Garden Seeder
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Customer Reviews
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Not off to a good start
Bruce Williams
Started using the Earthway seeder today. In the first hour the nut to the front wheel axle came off and was lost in the garden. Would have been smart if Earthway used a Nylock nut, but no. Also found the seed shoot to be narrow which causes lima bean seeds to clog in it. I'm going to have to modify this to make it usable.
Posted at 12:37:am 05/14/18


Earthway Garden Seeder