Earthway Optional Seed Plate Set

Set of five seed plates for Earthway Garden Seeder model 1001B. Set includes Carrot-Light, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Popcorn & Lima Beans. This is the complete set of optional plates available for the Earthway 10001B Garden Seeder.

Carrot-Light 18108 4.5” Spacing
Will plant light
lettuce, turnip, rutabaga,
light cabbage,
mustard, kale, and
other fine seeds.
Cauliflower 18109 1” Spacing
Will plant mustard,
cabbage, cauliflower,
turnip, rutabaga, and
other fine seeds.
Cucumber 18110 9” Spacing
Will plant some
pumpkin, gourds,
squash, and other flat
Popcorn 18112 9” Spacing
Will plant medium
sized seeds of a size
less than 0.25” diameter.
Lima Beans 18124 12” Spacing
Will plant peanuts
and other large seeds.
Earthway Optional Seed Plate Set
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Earthway Optional Seed Plate Set
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Earthway Optional Seed Plate Set
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