Weston Meat Packaging Kit

This creative design tightly seals up your meat bags in one easy step. The unique design wraps strong red PVC tape around the meat bag for an air tight seal. The excess meat bag is trimmed at the same time for a clean uniform packaged. The meat bags are made of high-quality polyethylene to protect meats and foods in the freezer. Each bag comes with noted spaces for labeling your meat or food package.

Kit Includes:
Stainless Steel Back Neck Sealing Machine
1 - Roll (72 yards) of 3/8" PVC Bag Neck Sealing Tape
25 - 1lb Meat Freezer Bags
25 - 2lb Meat Freezer Bags
15 - 3lb Meat Freezer Bags

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Weston Meat Packaging Kit
3.5 lbs

Weston Meat Packaging Kit
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Weston Meat Packaging Kit

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