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Walnut Cracker

Walnut Cracker
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Walnut Cracker   Walnut Cracker

Walnut Cracker


This smartly designed walnut cracker ensures fun and easy nut cracking! The downward operation combines the power of weight, gravity, and leverage for the best crack ever. Crack tons of black walnuts and other hard shell nuts with minimal effort. Satisfy your craving to crush fresh, healthy nuts!

20" long handle for optimal leverage
Downward operation for minimal effort
Allows the best pressure control
Outward breaking of shells to preserve nut meats
Constructed with solid steel, plated with zinc to prevent rusting
Includes lag screws for mounting to boards and tables
We recommend mounting boards measuring 2" thick x 8" wide x 24" long
A wall stud or upright beam provides a more permanent installation
The handle should be positioned at a comfortable height to apply downward pressure.
Made in the USA!

Customer Reviews
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Wonderful! Love what
Wonderful! Love what you've made. Can I come clean and say I've already eneertd the draw for some over at Bev's blog - so strike me off the list if that seems unfair, but I would so love to win some :) Di xx
Posted at 9:17:am 11/28/15
Okay - I've got to t
Okay - I've got to try this!! Love the crumbled ghamran crackers and whipped cream, not to mention the candy corn toppers! Aren't you so festive! Thanks, Sharla!Sorry I was a clutz and put an extra comment on your Shutterfly give-away. Wasn't paying attention very well! [url=]jqtubprzz[/url [link=]zqrdotilx[/li
Posted at 10:05:pm 11/26/15
I make crackers out
I make crackers out of gonrud seeds. 1 cup gonrud pumpkin seeds and 1 cup gonrud sunflower seeds ( I use my coffee grinder), 1 tsp salt, 1 egg(beaten), 2 tsp oil; add any spice or herb or just salt. Roll out on parchment paper, score and bake at 325 F. for approx. 30 minutes cool and crack apart. They are very tasty.
Posted at 3:50:pm 11/26/15