Presto Variety Jerky Seasoning

Presto Classic Jerky Seasoning is a great tasting seasoning mix to prepare some of the most delicious jerky from any of your favorite meats such as beef, venison, poultry, or other meats. Preserve meat for a tasty snack with this pack of season that includes 2 packets each of 3 flavors including Classic, Hot and Spicy, and Teriyaki that prepare 1 lb of meat per packet for a total of 6 lbs of jerky.

Presto Classic Jerky Seasoning includes:
2 Packets of Classic Jerky Seasoning and Cure
2 Packets of Hot and Spicy Seaoning and Cure
2 Packets of Teriyaki Seasoning and Cure
Enough Seasoning to prepare 6 lbs of meat.

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Presto Variety Jerky Seasoning

Presto Classic Jerky Seasoning.
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Presto Jerky Seasoning

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