For the sportsman, gardener, and “local food” enthusiast!
Presto has expanded its line of home preservation products to include easy-to-store Food Dehydrators. Dehydrate in-season foods at the peak of freshness to stock your pantry with delicious dried fruits, homemade jerky, and fruit rolls.* Dry abundant vegetables, herbs, and spices to speed up meal planning all winter. This collection of Dehydro food dehydrators includes three models with expandable drying capacities up to 12 trays.* The drying trays nest inside one another for up to a 52% reduction in storage space when all 12 trays are used.* Dehydration maintains natural vitamins and minerals with no additives or preservatives. Make jerky using your choice of meat, poultry, and seafood. Puréed fresh, frozen, or canned fruit makes delicious, nutritious fruit rolls.* The bottom-mounted fan and heating element provide consistent air flow for optimum drying with no tray rotation necessary. Monitor the drying progress on the top tray with the see-through cover. Drying trays and cover are fully immersible and dishwasher safe.
*Accessories sold separately.
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