Presto Cool Touch Foldaway Griddle

With its generous 14-by-15-inch grilling surface, this convenient griddle features an efficient square shape to hold more eggs, pancakes, and sandwiches than conventional rectangular-shaped griddles. The appliance's Control Master heat control maintains accurate cooking temperatures automatically, while its cool-touch base on the front and both sides provides added safety. Other highlights include the griddle's slide-out drip tray and premium nonstick surface, which offers the option of low-fat cooking and ensures effortless food release and quick cleanup. The griddle can be fully immersed with its heat control removed, and it cleans up easily by hand or in the dishwasher. Thoughtfully designed, the appliance fits in most standard 18-inch cabinets thanks to its exclusive Foldaway feature, which allows the legs to fold up for compact, space-saving storage.

The Presto Cool Touch Foldaway Griddle features:
Completely immersible with heat control removed
14 X 15 inch cooking surface
120V - 1500 watts
19 1/2 X 15 1/4 X 3 1/4"
Presto Cool Touch Foldaway Griddle
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Presto Cool Touch Foldaway Griddle
8.5 lbs

Presto Cool Touch Foldaway Griddle
Shipping Weight 8.5 lbs
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