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Hardshell Nutcracker

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Black Walnut Cracker
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STILL Never a black walnut too hard to crack.

Designed to crack the toughest black walnuts, the Hardshell Nutcracker effortlessly cracks all types of hardshell nuts. The long handle provides extra leverage, allowing anyone to crack nuts with minimal effort. The Nutcracker cracks the nut outward, leaving the nutmeat in large pieces. Because you control the amount of pressure applied this nutcracker is flexible enough to save the nutmeats on softer shelled nuts as well. A simple turn of the knob adjusts the nutcracker to the general size of the nutshell you are harvesting, from Macadamia nuts to pecans to black walnuts.

Easy to use - Just place the nuts vertically between the holder and the adjustable screw and press down keeping fingers out of the way. If you encounter shattering, you are applying too much pressure. Try with less force or adjust the screw to add more space.

Item #
10 lbs
Hardshell Nutcracker
  • Proudly made in the USA since 1980
  • Features a 20-inch long handle for minimum effort.
  • Constructed of solid steel and plated with zinc to prevent rusting.
  • Comes with a lag screws to easily mount to portable board or mounted permanently to a wooden beam or table.
  • We recommend a 2-x 8-x 24 inches board for secure mounting
  • Vertical mounting
    A convenient wall stud or upright beam provides a more permanent installation of the Kenkel Hardshell Nutcracker. The handle should be positioned at a comfortable level to apply downward pressure.
  • Built to last, each nutcracker is assembled by hand of solid steel and plated to resist rust.

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Customer Reviews
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Great Nutcracker!
I bought this about a year and a half ago from Red Hill. Finally got to use it recently and it works great on hickory nuts. You can put just the right amount of pressure on the nut to crack it, even our 5 year old uses it. Careful because the shells do fly around. LOTS of hickory nut halves. Great Nutcracker.