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Short Stoneware Utensil Crocks

Short Stoneware Utensil Crocks

Stoneware Crocks pictured in Bristol
Available in 2 sizes: 1 & 2 Quart
Crock Size DiameterHeight
1 Quart Crock6 1/2"4 1/4"
2 Quart Crock8"5"

No lead or harmful chemicals
Food safe, microwave oven, conventional oven, and dishwasher safe

1 Quart


2 Quart


Crocks have many uses from the traditional use of preserving vegetables like cucumbers for pickles and cabbage for sauerkraut to more practical everyday uses like containers for potpourri, candy, magazines, kitchen utensils, cookbooks, pens and pencils, or candles. Unlike many imports, these USA made crocks are made with lead free glazes making them food safe, microwave oven, conventional oven, and dishwasher safe.

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