Ohio Stoneware Butter Churn

This stoneware butter churn makes a great decorative piece for your kitchen, den, cabin or farmhouse. Food safe, this churn contains no lead or other harmful chemicals. Please note: We also offer an optional butter churn dasher. The dasher is sold separately from the butter churn and requires assembly.

Three gallon capacity
No lead or harmful chemicals
Food safe
Diameter 9 1/2" Height 14"
Optional dasher measure 5/8" wide X 36" in length
Ohio Stoneware Butter Churn
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Ohio Stoneware Butter Churn
14 lbs
Ohio Stoneware Churn Dasher
1 lbs

Ohio Stoneware Butter Churn
Shipping Weight 1 lbs
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Customer Reviews
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This "dasher" is nothing more than a dowel, and a couple of pieces of pine 1x2. Rough edges and splinters edges around the hole where the dowel inserts. The fit is so loose that it falls apart if you pick it up without gluing it first. I was hoping it would look more like a reproduction of the real thing for my antique butter churn. I guess you get what you paid for....
Posted at 6:04:am 04/20/17