Taylor kitchen thermometers lend themselves to almost any kitchen need. Maintaining the proper temperature is important for recipes, candies and jelly's to turn out right. Keep your family safe and prevent food spoilage and food poisoning with a refrigerator or freezer thermometer. Our selection includes freezer thermometers, refrigerator thermometers, roast thermometers, candy thermometers, jelly thermometers, oven and range thermometers. Taylor kitchen thermometers are made for long lasting use.
Taylor 5983N Classic Candy Deep Fry Thermometer
Taylor 3505 TruTemp Candy Deep Fry Thermometer
Taylor 5989N Classic Instant Read Dial Thermometer
Taylor 5925N Classic Refrigerator Freezer Tube Thermometer
Taylor 5924 Classic Refrigerator Freezer Dial Thermometer
Taylor 5939N Classic Meat Thermometer