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Chefs Design Non-Stick French Roasters

Chefs Design Non-Stick French Roasters-durable, attractive, functional, professional quality aluminum cookware from Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, the company bringing you heirloom quality cookware since 1915. Based on a traditional French design, Chefs Design Non-Stick French Roasters are a modern update to the classic roasting pan. Manufactured to the highest culinary standards, these heavy aluminum roasters offer unsurpassed cooking performance. Heat transfers evenly without hot spots or warping, ensuring even roasting and cooking. Chefs Design Non-Stick French Roasters feature high sides which prevent splatters and a mess in the oven & special riveted stainless steel handles that are just the right size for oven mitts. The extraordinary versatility of these roasters makes them perfect in any kitchen. The mirror-like polished finish makes these roasters perfect for presentation and serving as well. Chefs Design Non-Stick French Roasters come with a premium non-stick interior. Oven safe up to 450°F/232°C, these roasters are easy to clean, even after years of heavy usage.

French Roasters