Chefs Design Non-Stick Covered Oval Roasters-durable, attractive, functional, professional quality aluminum cookware from Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, the company bringing you heirloom quality cookware since 1915. Based on a traditional Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry design from the 1920s, Chefs Design Non-Stick Covered Oval Roasters are destined to be the gourmet's favorite for roasting, braising, steaming or poaching. Manufactured to the highest culinary standards, these heavy aluminum roasters offer unsurpassed cooking performance. Heat transfers evenly without hot spots or warping, ensuring even roasting and cooking. Busy cooks will appreciate the self-basting cover. The "dimples" on the inside of the cover collect rising cooking vapors, which condense on the dimples. This condensed liquid drips onto the food cooking below, keeping the food completely moist and flavorful with out additional basting. These roasters also feature higher sloped sides than shallow roasters, making them ideal for cooking large amounts of food or liquid like stews and casseroles. The roasters go straight from the oven to the range top for sauce reduction and thickening. The mirror-like polished finish makes these roasters perfect for presentation and serving as well.