Chefs Design Lasagna Pan Plus

Crafted of the finest heavy hand cast aluminum, this deep dish pan offers the buyer true versatility. Its generous 3-inch depth makes it perfect for lasagna, casseroles and scalloped dishes, while its large rectangular size makes it roomy enough for the largest roasts and hams. The crisp, clean contemporary styling and Excalibur non-stick cooking surface of the Lasagna Pan Plus offer beauty and function with minimum care. In addition to being attractive and versatile, the pan is designed for ease of use. The one-piece design includes large handles on each end so the pan can safely be carried even when full to capacity. Fast, easy clean-up is assured with the Excalibur cooking surface and rounded edges. Compare this pan with anything else available today, and you will find nothing as robust, in such a unique size, and with such distinctive European styling.

The Chefs Design Lasagna Pan Plus features:
Crafted Of The Finest Heavy Hand Cast Aluminum
Excalibur Non-Stick Coating The Toughest, Longest Lasting Non-Stick Surface
Deep Dish Pans Offers The Buyer True Versatility With European Styling
Generous 3-Inch Depth Makes It Perfect For Lasagna, Casseroles And Scalloped Dishes
Its Large 10" X 12" Rectangular Size Makes It Roomy Enough For The Largest Roasts And Hams
Pan Can Be Safely Carried When Full To Capacity Because One Piece Design Includes Large Handles On Each End
Thaws Frozen Foods Better Than Defrosting Trays
Rounded Edges For Fast And Easy Clean-Up
Low-Profile Integrated Handles Make Storage Easy
Chefs Design Lasagna Pan Plus

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Chefs Design Lasagna Pan Plus
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Chefs Design Lasagna Pan Plus
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