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Council Pro Sledge Hammer

This high quality item is made in the USA and has been since 1886 when John Council founded the company. After all these years you will still find the quality standards are higher than ever. This double faced sledge hammer with its fiberglass handle features a forged tool steel head with a clear lacquer finish to deter rust. The striking face is precision- machined with the proper radius and bevel to provide safer performance. It is heat treated after machining for increased depth and hardness. Heat treating provides fine grain structure and RC 46-54 Rockwell for safety and toughness. A 36 inch fiberglass jacketed style handel provides you with the shape of wood and is epoxy bonded to bare metal eye creating and extremely strong mechanical bond. They are designed for use in heavy hammer applications for striking wood concrete metal and stone.

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Council PR800FG Sledge Hammer
8 lbs
10 lbs
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Council PR1000FG Sledge Hammer
10 lbs
12 lbs
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Council PR400 Sledge Hammer
Shipping Weight 12 lbs
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Council Pro Sledge Hammer

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