Camco Screw-In Element Wrenches

A long socket wrench is needed to remove and install the Screw-in style water heater elements. The Camco element wrenches (4 and 5") are designed specifically for screw-in elements. The zinc plated element wrenches fit all standard screw-in elements and 1-1/2" nuts. Works with your screwdriver. Goes into offsets where an adjustable wrench can’t. The Professional Element Socket is a chrome-plated element socket fits standard 1/2" socket drive to make easy work of replacing screw-in water heater elements.

Camco Screw-In Element Wrenches
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Camco 4" Heavy Duty Element Wrench
0.5 lbs
Camco 5" Heavy Duty Element Wrench
0.5 lbs
Camco Professional Element Socket

Camco Screw-In Element Wrench
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