Galvanized Oval Deep Tub

This 12 inch long, 6.75 inch deep metal, oval tub makes a great addition to any party as a centerpiece, wine chiller, or flower arrangement holder. Could be used in the home or office to help organize and store items. This small oval metal tub would also be a great way to package a gift instead of using a basket.

Plastic liner sold seperately.
Please note: All Measurements are Outside Measurements.
Size: 12" Long x 9 1/2" Wide x 6 3/4" High (10" Long x 7" Wide bottom)
Color: Galvanized
Manufacturer Model Number: BY291

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Galvanized Oval Deep Tub
Optional Liner for Oval Deep Tub

Galvanized Oval Deep Tub
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Galvanized Oval Deep Tub
Galvanized Oval Deep Tub

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