Kentucky Cowbell
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Cow Bell 5K Kentucky

This steel kentucky cowbell creates a dull tone when rang which can be heard at fairly long distances. The exterior has a copper finish. The smooth look this bell has is due to the one piece construction via electric welding. This cowbell is great to use with crafts, range and stock farming, as noise makers at sporting events, holidays, weddings and other special occasions. Also works for playing that not so well known, but very interesting, musical instrument, the washboard. Our bells are very versatile, so keep our bells in mind for your bell needs. If ordering bells for big events don’t forget to save by ordering our case pack.
Steel welded construction
Kentucky style cow bell
Available in Single & Case Pack quantities
Case Pack contains (12 Bells)
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Cow Bell 5K Kentucky
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Cow Bell 5K Kentucky
1 lbs
Cow Bell 5K Kentucky Case Pack
(12 Bells)
12 lbs


Cow Bell 5K Kentucky
Shipping Weight 1 lbs
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Cow Bell 5K Kentucky Case Pack
Shipping Weight 12 lbs
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Kentucky Cow Bell