This Bell measures
7 3/4" in Height
Bell Bottom
5 3/4”

Country Bell

The Country Bell is fashioned to look like an antique bell and is reminiscent of older, simpler times. It is great to use to call children or guests in for dinner or other activities, works great for gathering everyone during barbeques or holiday meals, what a great idea for a fun new family tradition. It can also serve for purely decorative purposes. This bell is simply enchanting and is made of cast aluminum with a black satin finish & leather pull thong.

Hanger length
9 1/2 inches
(Vertical rod that attaches to post or wall)
Top Hanger length
13 1/4 inches
(Horizontal piece where the bell hangs)
Wooden post not included
 Country Bell
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Country Bell
5 lbs

Country Bell
Shipping Weight 5 lbs
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