Duraflame Fire Log

Rutland Duraflame Flue-Renew Firelog

This fire log contains Rutland SAFE-T-FLUE, a propriety chimney cleaner that modifies soot and creosote deposits in chimney as they form. Normally these deposits are flammable sticky, tar- like substances, however, this fire log used once a month in the fire, changes the creosote into a powdery, loose non-adhering deposit which is easily brushed away. The use of flue-renew TM fire logs or any chemical creosote remover does not eliminate the need for regular professional chimney cleaning. For best results, and maximum safety, we recommend a professional chimney cleaning, and then following a vigorous cost-effective preventive maintenance program using flue-new fire logs to combat creosote build up between professional cleanings. Most effective in airtight stoves and inserts. Easy-to use Individually wrapped log is added to the hot embers of a wood fire.

Easy to use, individually wrapped log
Use once monthly during the peak burning season

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Rutland Duraflame Flue-Renew Firelog
3 lbs

Rutland Duraflame Flue-Renew Firelog
Shipping Weight 3 lbs
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Rutland Duraflame Flue-Renew Firelog

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