Rotary Hand Pump

Especially effective with medium viscosity liquids, as well as oils, gasoline and diesel fuels, the rotary action of this easy-to-use pump allows smooth, continuous transfer at up to 10 GPM (38 LPM) per 100 revolutions. Vacuum Breaker, 8' Hose & Nozzle, 2" Bung Adapter (1" inlet) and Telescoping suction tube.

Lightweight cast aluminum body
Built-in check valve and strainer
Meter counts revolutions, not gallons
Pump may be setup for reverse flow
"Easy mount" 2" tank adapter
Corrosion-Proof adjustable suction pipe
Anti-siphoning device
Pump may be padlocked
Fill Rite #FR112

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Rotary Hand Pump
19 lbs


Rotary Hand Pump
Shipping Weight 19 lbs
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Rotary Hand Pump

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