Old Hickory Butcher Knives

Ontario Knife Company's Old Hickory butcher knives are made from durable 1095 carbon steel that can provide a more reliably sharp edge than stainless steel. Old Hickory knives have been produced in the USA for over 90 years using the same old fashion time tested processes that make them durable for time tested use.

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Old Hickory 7" Butcher Knife
1 lbs
Old Hickory 10" Butcher Knife
1 lbs
Old Hickory 14" Butcher Knife
1.5 lbs


Old Hickory Butcher Knives
Shipping Weight 1.5 lbs
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Old Hickory Butcher Knives

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i use the knives to cut my meats and processing my chickens. and they seem to stay sharp...