Hand Transfer Pump

The Hand Transfer Pump is a double acting piston type which will handle a wide range of solutions. The pump body, valves, valve seats and piston are all made of chemically resistant, performance engineered plastics, especially compounded to give the pump strength and rigidity. All internal metal parts in contact with the liquid are made of 316 stainless steel. Handle has eyes for padlocking to protect against unauthorized use. Two position handle allows for convenient operation from any angle.

For gasolines, fuel oils, oil
Viton O-Ring
Discharge Hose - 8' Nitrile (Buna-N), w/polyester elbow & nozzle
Suction Hose - 2 pc. 1" polyester, 34" long w/polyester coupling & TFE tape
Pacer #HPN2A

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Hand Transfer Pump
17 lbs


Hand Transfer Pump
Shipping Weight 17 lbs
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Hand Transfer Pump

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