Flying Insect and Yellow Jacket Trap
The flying insect and yellow jacket trap is used to control flies, yellow jackets and other annoying insects. Works indoors and outdoors. Flying insects enter the trap from the lid and then once inside the jar the insects cannot escape. The flying insect trap should be hung outdoors in the late evening when flying insect and yellow jackets are not active. The flying insect trap should be baited with lemonade, grenadine, fruit flavored soda, fruit, fruit juices, beer or sugar water. The trap works best for trapping yellow jackets. Sits or can be hung.

With this easy to use one quart durable trap you can eliminate Yellow Jackets or other bothersome flying insects from your yard, deck or patio as well as around garbage bins and recycling areas safely. No poisons or sprays. Just mix bait included with trap and add water to fill line and swirl. Hang the trap with the tie provided in the late evening or early morning when Yellow Jackets have gone to nest. Hang from a tree or stake or you can set it on any flat surface about 25 feet from active areas. There’s no need to buy replacement bait, you can make your own with lemonade, soda or fruit juices or sugar water. Reusable as many times as you need it, just dump the contents and add more bait.

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Flying Insect and Yellow Jacket Trap
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Flying Insect and Yellow Jacket Trap
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Flying Insect and Yellow Jacket Trap

We were having a problem with Yellow Jackets at my daughter’s swing set. I am allergic to bees so I really didn’t want to get out there spraying them and risk getting stung. I purchased two of these and hung one on each side of the swing set. I dumped them each night, making sure there were no live ones inside by filling it with water. For about four days the trap was full, then there were less and less and by the weekend there were no more Yellow Jackets.

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