Bekaert 118293 Gaucho Barbed Wire

Are you looking for a barbed wire that’s as strong as 12.5 gauge low carbon – but is lightweight, lasts longer, and requires less maintenance? And is also less expensive? Find what you’re looking for with Gaucho 15.5g Barbed Wire. Gaucho is made of high tensile steel wire. This means we can use a smaller diameter wire while maintaining the same strength as conventional barbed wire. Our reverse twist design reduces sagging, eliminates the need for pre-stretching, and allows for increased post spacing. All of which will save you time, money, and maintenance headaches. Gaucho products come in Class 3 (heavy coat) galvanized. Class 3 is proven to last two to three times longer than
Class 1.

Barb Spacing 5 Inch
Barb Diameter 16.5g
Barb Type Round
Length 1320 feet
Manufacturer Model Number: 118293
UPC: 736763706001

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Bekaert 118293 Gaucho Barbed Wire
42 lbs

Bekaert 118293 Gaucho Barbed Wire
Shipping Weight 42 lbs
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Bekaert 118293 Gaucho Barbed Wire

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