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Flax Seeds

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Gluten Free Organic Flax Seed Brown


ID#: D153649

Gluten Free Organic Flax Seed Golden


ID#: D153654

Whole Flax Seed


ID#: D332049

Golden Flax Seed Whole


ID#: D332055

Ground Flax Seed Meal


ID#: D332065

Golden Flax Seed Meal


ID#: D332067

How to eat flax seeds?

Ground flax seed makes it easier to digest and increases the nutritional benefit. Grind flax seed with a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle. Ground flax seed tastes nutty, a bit like wheat germ. Sprinkle uncooked on foods for maximum benefit. Store in refrigerator or freezer.

What are the benefits of eating flax seed?

Small seeds like flax, brown and gold are high in essential fatty acids. Add to hot or cold cereal, casseroles, sauces and salads. For easier digestion and better nutritional benefit, grind them.